Here You Go, Logan

At dinner one evening last week, a friend of ours named Logan bemoaned the existence of blogs. His reasons for despising them included a couple with which I agree. I don’t think it’s great to expect (in a going-after sort of way) the world’s praise and attention for venting unsolicited personal opinions. Blogging can be a vain pursuit indeed (see here and here for further, related musings).

I’m reminded today, though, why I enjoy this blogging hobby. Take note, Logan (not that you’ll ever read my blog; that’s okay ... sigh). It’s a great way for folks like myself to receive newsworthy missives creatively posted and pass them on (even if the passing-along only goes to two people who stop by every other week or so).

Anyway, today’s news from Mirtika regarding the Hugo Awards gave me something to tell my sci-fi-loving family, as well. Serenity (the movie) and two Dr. Who episodes we thought were cool (“The Empty Child” and “The Doctor Dances”) won awards. That’s fun. Thanks, Mir. I’m not one to browse the sites of Hugos and such so wouldn’t have known otherwise.

A little thing, but worth a smile still.


Erin said…
Hehe... I have heard Logan talk about blogs before. I think he should just get one. Then he'll understand. ;)
Deanna said…
Hmm... yes, he might understand at some point. And then, I might find I enjoy arguing back and forth with people on forums (as Logan says he does and I'm sure he's good at), but it ain't real likely.

Thanks for being one of the two or so who stop by, Erin!
Mirtika said…
You're very welcome. And I'll sure miss Chris Eccleston as Dr. Who. He was GREAT. Mixed the goofiness with the intensity with the loneliness with the sexiness.

I guess I'll give his replacement a chance and see how it goes. I enjoyed enough of the episodes of the Chris Who to want to see what else they have up their sleeves. I still crack up thinking of "Moisturize me! Moisturize me!" hah.

Oh, and...Serenity RULES!

Mirtika said…
Chris Eccleston was a faboo Dr. Who, no? Nice mix of goofiness, boyish enthusiasm, sexiness, loneliness, repressed grief, and smarts. I'm willing to give th enew one a chance given the several episodes I enjoyed of the chris Who.

"Moisturize me!" still cracks me up.

Oh, and...Serenity RULES!

Mir--who had to type this twice cause Blogger is being weird