Wow. Relief at last.

A story happened.

Today I received an email from the editor at Relief: A Quarterly Christian Expression. It said my story’s been accepted!

Can this be true? A literary journal. Yippity skip and woohoo. It will come out in May, I think.

Now, to bed. I’ve fought a cold all week, and I’m an exhausted wimp. But a happy one.

Earlier Tim and I drank celebratory Arby’s milkshakes – black cows (root beer flavored). Yum.

We’re living high on the dairy hog.


Cherie said…
Cheers (with a milkshake), Deanna!! Cheers!!



(I knew you could do it. :-)
Robby said…
Congratulations, Deanna! That's great news.
Deanna said…
Cherie, thanks for your enthusiasm. I'm still pinching myself.

Robby, thank you, as well. You'll have to watch out, or commenting might become a habit. :-)
Cherie said…
You were so cute in church today, with this announcement. I found myself grinning like a kook as you spoke, so happy am I for you.

We DID see Tim on TV!! Crazy event!

Yeah, Robby - better watch out! :-D