Institutionalize me

Human compassion does indeed do something for them that labor and are heavy laden. One feeds the hungry, clothes the naked, gives alms, builds charitable institutions, and, if compassion is more heartfelt, one also visits them that labor and are heavy laden. But to invite them to come to us, that is a thing that cannot be done; it would involve a change in all our household and manner of life. It is not possible while one is living in abundance, or at least in joy and gladness, to live and dwell together in the same house, in a common life in daily intercourse, with the poor and wretched, with them that labor and are heavy laden. In order to be able to invite them thus one must live entirely in the same way, as poor as the poorest, as slightly regarded as the lowliest man of the people, familiar with life's sorrows and anguish, sharing completely the same conditions as they whom one invites to one's home, namely they that labor and are heavy laden.
-- Søren Kierkegaard, from Training in Christianity in A Kierkegaard Anthology (Bretall)

A writer, an artist, a philosopher, one of my heroes. Kierkegaard. I will be privileged to study works of his, along with accompanying Bible passages, for a whole week in August at the Gutenberg Summer Institute.

It's like finding my cupboard full of chocolate chips and red licorice.


Patti said…
Oh, I sure wish I could be there with you! You're making me jealous. However, I will console myself that although I won't be able to be in on the Kierkegaard Summer Institute, I will, Lord willing, come to the event for the juniors which I think is in the fall.

We had quite the adventure in getting Sam to the airport as well as Sam had adventures getting to Eugene. I plan to blog about it when get acclimated to being home again.
elixir said…
Oh how I dreamed of being able to participate in the Institute this year. I will greatly look forward to hearing some of your processing leading up to and after it.
Thanks for this quote. What a powerful image of why it is Jesus lived the life he did.
Anonymous said…
Kierkegaard is amazing. I was introduced to his work when I was at Fuller Seminary... Provocations is my favorite.
Cherie said…
I bought the book and will use the notes we were given in the flyer to read the sections and verses studied and see what I can glean from them. I'll leave it to you and your blog to fill in the details. :-)

No money. No time. Big project......the summer of building!
Deanna said…
Patti, I'll hang around the college to see you in the fall. That'll be fun. I'm interested to read of your and Sam's adventures.

Elixir, I'm grateful I can finally attend an Institute. I wish you could come but can see how having a new baby would make the trip somewhat unfeasible. And, yes, the quote was powerful for me for several reasons. Much to ponder.

Desiree, you're a ballerina and a Seminarian?! I shoulda guessed.

Right, Cherie, you've got it all cut out for you this summer! I'll gladly compare notes, though. :o)
Leiselb said…
I'm jealous. ;)
Deanna said…
If you and the other commenters could only be there, Leisel, what a unique week it would be.