vaycay sun

Dad's family celebrated family with Uncle Jim on Saturday. Jim raises cows. He serves huge burgers from his grill. The pastures round about look agedly pretty.
I guess the same could be said for some of us who took in the view.

Jim used to have a famous neighbor: the celebrated author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Do you know him? His bus traveled the country in the 60s.

Jim didn't so much know the famous author as visit with him occasionally in a neighborly fashion. Howdying over fence or across narrow road, while movements of cattle stirred flies in afternoon air.

The weekend before this last, Tim and I flew to Colorado for his Aunt Judy's wedding. No psychedelic memories at this gig.
Just a very cute couple.

We enjoyed them and other relatives at a Rocky Mountain home.

And what a wonderful reacquaintance. The sky. So close. So very, very blue.


Carol Webster said…
Love this! You have had some great family experiences lately. Also, some beautiful outdoor places to stir your outdoor soul.
The movie (w/Jack Nicholson) based on Ken Kesey's book scared me to death when I saw it way back when. Nurse Ratched has become a terrifying icon. There is a state institution for the criminally insane in a tiny town in Florida called Chattahoochee. I still wonder whether it was put there because of the town name or if the town got its name after it was put there. Weird! Appropriately enough, it is the only town in Florida where half the town is in the eastern time zone and half in the central. That alone could mess with a person's mind.

Your photographs are so pretty, so clear. I especially love the close-up of the barbed wire fence. Reminded me of many times as a kid when I pried open a section of someone's fence to crawl through and go exploring.
Deanna said…
Outdoor places are especially nice in the sun. Thanks, Mom, you've had a lot of great things going, too.

Beth, I think I read the book in jr. high, possibly after seeing the movie on TV (maybe before). The book was better, getting inside the mind of the Native American guy. But, yes, Nurse Ratched, very scary.

I can imagine you in a girlhood world of imagination and wonder setting off across those neighbors' properties.