anniversary band

The uphill dirt road narrowed to a trail as I puffed alongside Tim. His purposeful strides have never been easy to match.

"I was thinking about," puff, puff, "something regarding what so-and-so said," puff, "and how it relates to this-and-that area of our lives." Whoosh, arm-swings, batting away of spider web.

Our hike through forest and shrubbery was idyllic. Conversation abounded, on my side at least. To Tim's credit, he responded thoughtfully in the right spots (having learned well during our 32 years). Best of all, he slowed down when I began to lag.

Or when I stopped for a picture.

"It's a firetruck!" Tim said as we passed this rig.

We were guests. As we always are, I suppose, wandering into natural creation, the domain of creatures who construct homes there and attempt to protect them from occasional acts of God. I'm so glad certain people who live the life of forested spaces enjoy inviting folks like us from town into the phenomenon of a luxury bed and breakfast.

Such certain people are Harry and Kathe. They live in and lovingly administer Cottage Grove's Apple Inn.

Our anniversary stay there was Tim's surprise gift to me. He even thought to tell Kathe I'm gluten intolerant. This resulted in amazing waffles adorned with homemade strawberry syrup at this lovely table.

Before breakfast, I immersed myself in a hot bath courtesy of a claw-foot tub. While indulging there, I listened, eyes closed. Tim's voice carried from the dining room, where he and Harry were getting acquainted. The familiar tones of my husband's stories met new notes in Harry's interspersed tales about times of his and Kathe's family, raised here, built while the house progressed. Work and machines and adventures are the memories two men past fifty sing. They're a gift in the hearing.

Also ringing was my joy in wearing the new band around my finger. An anniversary addition to my wedding set. Another surprise by Tim. A making of a shiny memory that joins the old, it sudsed up with the rest of me as I relaxed before the waffles and and the hike to a viewpoint with my man.


Marianne said…
Happy Anniversary to you both!
Carol Webster said…
I loved this! The Apple Inn was such a special place for your anniversary. Congratulations! The pictures were wonderful, so were your descriptions. Love you both,
Can't imagine a more wonderful spot to "anniverse." Luminous post. Also, you're my kind of hiker -- one who stops along the way to take pictures and be in the moment (also to rest!).
Deanna said…
Thanks for the good wishes, Marianne, Mom, and Beth.
It is good to get to anniverse. :o)