food: the (un)process

A couple of friends who've been on my bloggy list from way back are taking a challenge this month.

Marianne and Cherie each signed on to try making it through October eating, more or less, only whole foods. This challenge came from Andrew Wilder at Eating Rules.

I am nearly sated just browsing their pictures:

Of course, there are chicken feet...

But you gotta love these forays into the real thing. Food for thought, in bite-size pieces.


Cherie said…
When I saw those chicken feet on Marianne's post the other day I nearly retched. Seriously. And yet, they make excellent stock! Thanks for watching me do this thang, Deanna. It's getting more and more fun and interesting with each passing day!
Marianne said…
Oh that sandwich looks so good right now. Chicken feet = Creepy, but good. Sorry, Cherie, for not having better warning in the post title!