Recent blessings, small and deep:

Music of Español, batted between women choosing baby clothing. Language-melody, launched in sequence, unfurled like little banners.

Skin scent when a loved one, lotion-tinted, gently day-heated, opened her arms.

Warm, dark wine's presence inside smooth gold cup, inviting a small swallow.

The fact that, despite myself, my life includes a well, a wandering, a search.

Seeing how often I'm befluxed by living.

Words of textured resonance meeting my soul: "Christ did not die in order to make bad men good -- he died in order to make dead men live." (Thanks, Fr. Stephen Freeman.)

Half-dreamed, before my alarm announced the morning: "Hold people close; a shade of closer."


deb Colarossi said…
gorgeous, Deanna.
fresca said…
"Befluxed"--great word!