trying this

You may have tried to reach this blog page and found yourself on the "my other blog" page. Sorry for any confusion.

For a while I've been thinking about this change. At first I thought I would best like to have a home page, welcoming folks in with a wonderful quote or two which would rotate and provide variety. But, um, I didn't keep that up so well.

The reality is, I'm blogging here. I'm not a persona with a website. It's fun to have pages listing examples of my published writing, but basically my "home" work is to update semi-regularly. I plan to keep doing so. I think this arrangement reflects that better.

Thanks for your patience with me in many ways! You're nice readers, you.


jodi said…
I agree, you aren't a persona. You're a person. :) That's why I love your work. You're "real."
And what wonderful homework!
Deanna said…
Thank you, Jodi. Writing the life here is a "real" challenge, and also a joy, and maybe that's true anywhere.

You are a genuine soul, lady.