Brits, books, & bravery (a smidge)

What a place the Internet is. Just since yesterday I have watched John Cleese explain spiritual behavior (quite humorously, as he does so well) and I have read about Prince Charles's interest in the Orthodox Church.

My little presence at this blog has intentionally fallen off. After my start, I scared myself into backpedaling. I did what I often do when fear intrudes -- I thought up an idea.

I know, I thought, I'll start writing a book!

If I got a dollar for each time over the years I've squinted at problems and decided becoming a book author (soon, sooner, soonest) would solve them, well, you know, I wouldn't ever need to write or do other stuff for a living.

So while a published book may or may not be in my future, a smattering of blog posts is likely to follow this one. I return, gingerly perhaps, to the subject I started with: my Orthodox journey. I like that I'm in a category with British royalty and book authors. As I find at the little parish I'm involved with, there are individuals from all sorts of life categories taking part.

This aspect doesn't scare me, though at first it did, a little. It also doesn't make me wish to sell you on what I'm doing. Promise me you'll just hold to what you're doing, learning, experiencing.

The organic, natural aspects in each of our lives ought to lead and awaken us. These can be easy to resist. Artifice feels like it will lead to comfort, and I know I often wish to be comfortable. I wish not to have to rethink my conceptions of others; I wish to find shortcuts to joy.

A new day here at my Third Story starts with a commitment to long, slow processes. Like a prince who may or may not become a king, I wish to remain contentedly engaged, courageously living. You too?