Richard Brautigan

Throughout my childhood Dad would speak of him sometimes, using his surname to distinguish this Richard from my brother and from my great-grandfather, for whom my brother is named. So I knew the name Brautigan well.

I was always curious about him, this writer with whom Dad shared many adventures, most involving trout. Now I have realized a fun dream and put a piece of Dad's history out there. Rosebud is a journal I bought copies of over the years, enjoying stories, wishing something of my crafting might end up within its pages.

Thanks, Dad, for letting that happen.

Thanks, Richard Brautigan, wherever you are, for giving Dad fishing lessons once upon a time.
Dad’s friend Richard moved to Eugene during high school. They met in 1951 playing church basketball. Richard went to First Baptist, Dad to First Christian. The night of their initial match-up Dad’s team groaned ahead of time, thinking their winning streak over. First B’s team boasted twins who each stood 6’ 3”, and Richard topped them at 6’ 4”.

Dad’s first thought when he saw Richard was that Ichabod Crane had come to life with sandy hair. Guarding Richard under the basket was easy. All Dad had to do was give him a hip, and Richard lost his balance. First Christian won the game.

The whole story starts on pg. 76 of Rosebud #51.


Carol Webster said…
Your words made their adventures come alive. Deanna, you have an elegant way with words. Bless you!!!
Arlee Bird said…
I can see why you would have dreamed of having a piece in Rosebud. I've not heard of this journal before, but I've seen many similar publications that I've wished to one day see my writing in its pages. Congratulations on having the story about your father published there.

My mother was the story teller in our family although I think my father told more stories than I actually remember and influenced my writing more. I was fortunate that before he died he wrote an autobiography which I'd like to one day publish. It's been good to see his words on the page.

Your excerpt is a fun one and I'm glad you've had it published in Rosebud.

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Wrote By Rote Saturday 11/26
Deanna said…
That's wonderful, Lee, that your dad was able to get his story on paper. All the best to you in processing and perhaps publishing it. My maternal grandmother wrote many letters and poetry and kept a journal. I have much to delve into with her papers, and I hope to, soon.

I so enjoyed Susan Kane's interview post and look forward to visiting your blog this week!
Verna Wilder said…
Ah, Richard Brautigan! When I was in college, I read one of his short stories called "Harmonica High," in which all high school students carried and played a harmonica. What a strange mind he had! Thanks for this reminder of a story that has stuck with me now for more than 30 years.