Christmas stalking

A Christmas post has been on my mind, ever since we returned from a week-plus in Seattle, visiting family and friends, staying in my brother's cool house. Richard and Manny live beside the light rail station, from whence you can whoosh toward downtown, where interesting sights abound.

Since we came home, though, I haven't had time to goof off on the Internet in normal fashion. (I pop in and "stalk" folks on Facebook -- as my activity has been described, though I prefer to say I "lurk".) This can be seen as positive, especially when fullness of heart and soul are the cause. Lovely developments in our lives continue. Messy processes, too, as is normal fashion for reality. But mostly much to brighten the season.

One evening last week I sat down to clickety-click a few bloggy words, but then the doorbell rang. Through a dark living room I groped, finding the front door, while another insistent dingering sounded. My surprise knew no bounds at the sight on our step -- Uncle Timmy!

[caption id="attachment_5418" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="...and my hubby says I can't talk without gesturing..."][/caption]

He sent himself this year, from Ohio, as an in-person Christmas card. I love that he did. We went out to Sizzler. Salad bar, a few engineers "partying", and the two Tims catching up. What could be nicer?

Now's the time to send Greetings of the Season, and so I offer good wishes to each of you from my heart. I hold in thought a mama we saw up north, who is great with child and pondering Advent in ways I well remember, from 26 and 22 years ago.

I count it all joy to have the love and respect of the people who raised me, and of those whom I raised.

There are those who put up with me with great, forbearing love. This is the way of our Messiah, who is our King and our God, become Man for our sakes.

What could be nicer?


Marianne said…
Lovely musings. This mama is still greatly pregnant. Perhaps a Christmas baby?! We loved seeing you.
Deanna said…
There's my Christmas baby, beside our tree. :o) Bless you, Marianne!
Linda Webster said…
Loved this Deanna, and it was so great to see you and Tim (hubby) andyour brothers, Mom and Dad at Mia's.
Tim called me on the phone and said that he and Lani were coming over; what a wonderful, happy surprise!
Warmest thoughts and wishes for a wonderful Christmas and new year!
I hope this post doesn't sound as disconnected as it seems..
Deanna said…
It's great to hear, Aunt Linda, that you got some Tim-time, too. :o) And saw Aunt Lani, hooray!
Merry Christmas and best wishes for prodigious writing and publication in 2012!
jodi said…
It was good seeing you in person, Deanna. Have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed and peaceful New Year!
Deanna said…
Merry Christmastime, Beth! Happy New Year and joyful, reflective writing adventures to you.

Thanks, Jodi. Peace and good health to you, in spirit, mind, and body. May you receive as well as give in the months ahead.