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One benefit of being asked to guest blog is the opportunity to look in new ways at what you've been up to. My post, "Meandering With Memoir," was fun to work on, and now it's up, hosted graciously by Arlee Bird, here. His project will be a good one to follow for more writerly inspiration.

These photos are from a recent winery excursion with my brother and sis-in-law. What a lovely day. May you be inspired by many lovely days, soon.


Tanya Reimer said…
I came over from Wrote by rote. Wonderful meeting you.
Deanna said…
Thanks, Tanya, for reading and for dropping in.
Dee Ready said…
Dear Deanna,
Did you take these photographs? The scenes are like characters in a book.
Thomas Hardy would like them.

Deanna said…
Thank you, Dee. Yes, they're my photos. I give my daughter credit for any sense I've picked up regarding light and shadow, visual characteristics, and so on. She has real artistic instinct. :o)
Arlee Bird said…
I thoroughly enjoyed your visit to Wrote By Rote. The piece you wrote was wonderful and I'm sure all who read it found it useful. You are welcome as a guest on my blog any time.

The photos in this post are very nice. The place looks like a lovely place to go.

Wrote By Rote
Beth Westmark said…
I've missed reading you, Deanna, and will head over to Wrote By Rote (clever name). I have a new blog adventure. It's called Memoir on the Fly (http://memoironthefly.com). It has all the old Switched at Birth and other blog experiment archives. Come say hi when you have a chance.
Deanna said…
What fun it was, Lee, to be a guest at your blog and to get to know other writer bloggers. Keep up your good work.

Beth, hooray! I've missed you. Now I wish I had more time for catching up at your place, but I will get to sip it in small doses as moments allow this busy month. Oh, and you maybe ought to do a guest post for Lee sometime. :o)