Candles in the window and depth outside. A garden disappeared. Glances into gray that kept sending white.

Not used to snowstorms, I loved the change. The easy banter on social networks -- something to say! But what will nature do to us? New growth chilled. Ah, only for those two days. Amazing how so much springs back.

Yet last week my heart had lifted at the sight of Rosewood Avenue's "popcorn tree," its snowy blossoms captivating.

Today it is no more.

Since the Gospel was preached in this world, all attempts to go back to a pure "pagan joy," all "renaissances," all "healthy optimisms" were bound to fail...And it is this sadness that permeates mysteriously the whole life of the world, its frantic and pathetic hunger and thirst for perfection, which kills all joy...

Yet, on the other hand...through the Cross, joy came into the whole world. This joy is pure joy because it does not depend on anything in this world, and is not a reward of anything in us. It is totally and absolutely a gift, the 'charis,' the grace. And being pure gift, this joy has a transforming power.
~ Alexander Schmemann, For the Life of the World


Dee Ready said…
Dear Deanna, . . . for everything there is a season. Peace.