mob notes finale, finally

My most exhausted m.o.b. moment happened in stillness as we sat surrounded by family and friends, awaiting the ceremony's beginning. I had just asked Tim not to take any photographs until afterward. "Let the paparazzi get shots of us," I said. "We're the celebrities this time." (Tim acquiesced to my request; thus between our two cameras we have only before and after pictures.) Love for my daughter and her groom radiated around me, but I was so tired. Weird dreams had awakened me in the night.

Same thing happened, as I recall, the night before I went into labor with Victoria. Like that day more than 26 years ago of giving birth, the crucial moments arrived this past Sunday and I forgot weariness for joy.

We had signed the card,

I had glimpsed the preparations,

there had been photos beforehand.

Now, in the commencing of the ceremony, there glimmered the reason for this happening. For all of life, in my view. Jesus Christ, the reason, brought us together. In joyful togetherness, the day continued. What a kick! My daughter is married!!


Dee Ready said…
Dear Deanna, what a lovely wedding. Your daughter's gown is lovely also. And the blue bottles with their blue hydrangeas and the yellow bottles with their sunflowers enhance the celebration! Congratulations for getting through all the planning and commotion to a harbor of just gratefulness for all that is. Peace.
Beth Westmark said…
What a beautiful celebration of life, Deanna. I think my favorite picture is the last one, where the bride and groom are looking sweetly affectionate.
Deanna said…
Dee, I am very grateful (and now I have some energy again, yay!).

Beth, thanks; I think I agree. :o)