r.i.p. Mike from Maine

Amazing how all the little pieces eventually make a whole tapestry of our lives before we realize it's happened. ~ Mike Shain

When I started blogging more than six years ago, I couldn't guess how much certain people would come to mean to me. Folks I would only know in the limited way of knowing online. Yet I came to consider these fellows from cyberland friends, as we posted, quoted, photoed, joked, and disagreed with one another.

One of the people whose blog I've read a long time left the earth a month ago. I've been casual, at best, with keeping up on Facebook lately. The blogs I usually read get very few looks. I should have checked on Mike sooner, though, because for years he has sent me (and who knows how many more friends) a quote of the day, often an inspiration or chuckle worth saving. But over the past year or two Mike's sometimes been less regular with the emails, and I was involved with my parents and things at church lately, and so only today did I look at his FB page and find he won't be sending any more quotables.

I miss you already, Mike.

Besides the quotes, he sometimes passed along to me writer and book information. He attended Yale and may have had several degrees; he wrote for publications; he lived and adventured in Japan. Mike didn't put on airs about any of that. His internet tone was down to earth and always respectful.

Tim and Mike became Facebook friends. I smiled at their connections, despite different political views. Before the two of them "met," Mike sent me this picture, "Fer da roomie":

My last direct correspondence with Mike was in late June. He messaged me, saying, "Deanna, been following along with your quest for understanding. I commend you..." We had a great discussion about religion, broadcasting, and bridal showers. That was Mike S. That's what I will miss.

[caption id="attachment_6186" align="aligncenter" width="240"] Mike with a new grandbaby.[/caption]


deb Colarossi said…
Sorry for this loss in your life Deanna ( and Tim) .
Rest in peace indeed.
Deanna said…
Appreciating your kind thoughts, Deb. Bless you.
Linda said…
Deanna, I too was one of those on his quote list. First it was comic strips he sent around. He was truly a kind, generous man. I am better for knowing him. I appreciate the gift I received to be his friend, even if it was too short of a time. Gifts like him don't come around too often. I miss him very much.
Thank you for this spot on your blog to express my sadness for the loss of this special man. And, for the nice remembrances you shared about him.
Deanna said…
Linda, you're so right. Mike's friendship was a gift, and he shared it generously. I almost always liked his taste in comics. :o)
Dee Ready said…
Dear Deanna, what a lovely tribute to Mike. A eulogy that gave me a feeling for him and his specialness. I'm sorry for your loss, but so grateful that he was part of your life for even those few short years. Peace.
Deanna said…
Thanks, Dee. Blogging was the natural way, I guess, to eulogize this fellow blogger and special person.