an arrival

A new person enters the world, and everything seems more fragile,
while at the same time bright with strength.
We are first to witness an expression, this emergence of what wasn't here before.
Discovered in a prayer: a solemn mystery.
This is where I remain,
lost in wonder.


Dee Ready said…
Hello Deanna, I've been away from reading and commenting on blogs for three weeks and so have missed your musings on life and mystery. I saw the postings about this birthing on Facebook, however. Our journey through life is truly blessed when a child is born. Peace.
Beth said…
No words -- I am in reverent awe, and feel hopeful. Such power in a tiny package.
Deanna said…
Thank you, Dee and Beth, for sharing in my joy. This is quite a time. I think it's no accident that we feel so strongly for tiny people coming into the world that we can be close to, whether having birthed them directly or not. Babies are helpless, fresh, and wise, somehow, all at once.