a wonder

In the midst of pondering situations, I'm drawn to my backyard of an afternoon or evening. I happen upon snippets of bumbly life. The background hums with insects. Blossoms stage an opera in color and scent.



It's been two and a half years since I decided Orthodox Christianity was the thing I needed to immerse in, to draw up, if you will, into my proboscis. I had a friend when I decided this, a besty, and we'd been very close. Very on the same page. For years I had encouraged her in the shared paradigm of our understanding, and she had me.

The wonder is, today she and I continue in a good friendship. Even though my move disoriented us both. Even after she recognized rather forcefully she could not go with me wherever I flew.

This was a very good thing. It has humbled me to learn I'm not the be-all and end-all of her life, and at the same time I've had a particular exterior tension with her, a line in the sand I needed to cross alone, helping me recognize the Orthodox Church as the Where that everything in my life had been leading.




These days my besty and I explore and practice, each dipping into different flowers. Yet in many ways our relationship hasn't changed. We continue to encourage one another. More carefully than before, perhaps, we converse regarding many things.

We hum in the background. Bumbling along, we attempt to entrust our tunes, our footing, our shades and songs, to the Reality we both still seek. Some afternoons are dust dry. Others we nearly flutter, and the pollen is sweet.


Beth Westmark said…
Your photographs are exquisite. Woven together with your words, they are like a thoughtful poem -- cerebral, yet touching my heart.

I've begun a new blog experiment (just last night). Probably won't post often, but time will tell.

The sunrise background here is lovely.
Fresca said…
Great bees! Great pictures!
I had to laugh at the idea of you sucking the Orthodox Church up your proboscis! That's a fresh metaphor! :)
Deanna said…
Beth, I like the sunrise for the background, too. It was worth the early hike. I have peeked at your new site and will again soon.

Fresca, I've been checking your site and hope to send you feedback soon. Ah, blogging is great, and knowing people of words and ideas is even better.
Dee Ready said…
Dear Deanna, I've been away from reading and commenting on blogs for about four weeks and from posting longer than that. On Wednesday I posted for the first time in eight weeks and now I'm visiting blogs. It's good to return to yours and to read your meditation on friendship and on your companion as you search for that which gives meaning to your life. It seems to me that you are in the midst of burrowing deep into Oneness. Peace.
Deanna said…
It was good to hear from you, Dee. Now I've been away a while, but I miss blogging, and hope soon to return.
Laura said…
This was beautiful. I'm glad I happened in again on your site, didn't know, but was happily surprised, to literally get the romantically similar to my words "happen in", due to its lovely yesteryear casual feel, your "open back door" of a greeting of photos and matching words. In this post, I was in an Audubon painting. swooping between brush strokes of clarity on your amazing new Canon friend, and, amazingly again, the connection you make with the wonder of life through your wonderful lyricism.

Glad to be blessed by your sweet as honey perceptions,
Deanna said…
Thank you, Laura. It's so good to have you here again. You're the inspiration for this post!