a calm day

Lost in wonder and other people's words. I'm resting, refreshed. For the fourth time I have journeyed through the Lenten season at my church and in my heart. There's a hidden brightness that is anticipation mixed with interaction peppered with longing. It is so good.

The other people whose words I mentioned are writer friends. Lounging today, I reacquaint with their views, their syntaxes, their existences that I hadn't been thinking about so much, but now I'm all into.

I think it would be good to write reviews on Amazon. So I compose in my head, while sipping Trader Joe's wine and munching greens with feta and Parmesan. Is it all right to mix Italian cheese with Greek? I'm such a daredevil.


Fresca said…
Anything Mediterranean goes with anything else Mediterranean, I'd say. :)