here again

An amazing thing happened. A visit from a blogging friend. Seven hours of conversation (she and I had one day to make the most of it).

We talked about many things, and one of them was blogs. Our talk made me long to post again, but also I desired to bring pieces from what has happened -- the stories -- back here with me.

So here I am. I get to return. Trailing posts from other blogs like old kite string.

You know how kites tend to tug really hard in spring breezes, to fly away, to be eaten by trees. Still, when the day feels right you want to test out another one. To see where it might end up this time.


Beth said…
I love the kite metaphor. Sometimes a kite is kind of like a message in a bottle, and can cheer up folks who get a glimpse of a colorful escaped kite.

I'm in the "off" position at Cubagirl for a little while, but (as usual!) will be back. All is well here, I'm just overwhelmed with honey-do's.

Your photography continues to get better and better. I've always loved your words (and thoughts), and now the photography is a huge treat, too.

I'll be checking in, and will let you know when I'm back on the air.
Thanks for the jingle.
deanna said…
Beth, I'm glad to know things are well with you (I was a bit concerned not to "see" you). Of course I understand the need to pause at times.

Thanks for saying you like the photos; my camera knows what to do and barely needs me, but I do enjoy taking it out for walks.

Take care!
Fresca said…
Sooooo excited to see you here again.
Stories DO happen!