putting forth fruit

Saturday I walked home from a choir rehearsal at church. It's a good route, three miles, mostly beside the river. I passed Goose Island (so named by me). This picture below is from early April, when couples around about its small beach and mini-forest paddled, all considerate and nestinglike.

I found jungly places Saturday, blossoms at their full and leaves shiny fresh.

More than halfway home I was passed by another of the many folks zipping along on two wheels. This rider carried a potted plant in one hand and had a bag of some soil or earthy stuff sticking out of his pack. No mistaking him.

I called: "Hi, James!" His head turned, and he smiled and stopped. My son and I then wandered the rest of the way back to the house together. It was a companionable moment, James being in Eugene briefly, drumming up lawn care jobs and permaculture consultations. (You can check out his website for more info. on his doings.)

He and I reached the bridged inlet and pond and happened upon a family moment.

I liked how the parent geese kept their faces at water level, making eye contact with their brood. This is us, they seemed to be saying. Let's focus together, let's navigate reality. Then someday you can be off and make your decisions and find your own islands and pathways and rivers and streams.