appealing underdogs: the dandy lion

I called them fairies. Pluck, grasp the wand-like stem, and blow. Then watch them dance on the breeze.

Adultly speaking, I recognize our need for tidiness in the yard. Years passed of applauding Tim for his vigilance against them. But he never was a cruel overlord; he used muscle to bring them up, not chemicals. He and the fairy-makers played their own game, their arm-wrestling match.

Our yard-space changes now. And I like the thought, perhaps, of roasted dandelion root. I just may give it (loaded with olive oil no doubt) a culinary testing.


Dee said…
Dear Deanna, I haven't read and posting regularly on blogs for several weeks and so I missed your return after your hiatus of six months or so. Glad to have you back!

As to dandelions, my yard delights in them. Welcomes them with open arms!

In the convent, we ate dandelion salads and they were quite delicious so long as the leaves were young. Peace.
deanna said…
Good to hear from you, Dee. I was glad to read on your blog that you're in a healthier spot this week. Yay!

My dandelion salad days are quickly approaching.