footsore and lighthearted

Yesterday I walked to the church for a class and my bookstore shift, and then I walked home afterward. That's six miles, and it felt good. Slow near the end, though. I'm in the shape (or lack thereof) that tends to be the case come spring.

There were ducks in the morning; geese in the afternoon.

Everybody's going and growing.

I have a project to get done by the end of the month in my church treasurer capacity (so of course I'm blogging). Once that project (an annual report) is finished, I plan to work steadily on the writing project I have (actually) begun and would love to be fully engaged with by the end of this year. I can hardly wait to wade well into a writing stream, up to my waist and further, even dunk my noggin. Maybe currents of thought will carry me. Most likely, I'll procrastinate in here with blogs and out there with the duckies.