goodness + weather = pictures

Yesterday I wandered past Goose Island again. The air was warming up to a record high for the date (somewhere in the 80s).

I saw the couple who've entertained me before.

I keep wondering if they've produced any goslings, as have the Canadian couple I featured last post. No progeny were visible, though.

I'm guessing this is a mated pair, though I really don't even know that much. Perhaps they are roommates? Partners? Anyway.

Day before yesterday I photographed fields of purple Camas. James has informed me about the history of these plants, how local Native Americans of centuries past depended on their bulbs as a diet staple.

James is also growing Camas in our backyard.

He grows many plants, out back and along our driveway. All, I think, have an edible feature or two.

Today I noted large white blossoms where there weren't any last time I looked. They're on one of the thornless blackberries.

The bumblebee looked all in. I can imagine needing a nap after all that pollinating. He took off again later.

I took myself over to inspect our hardy peace rose on the south wall, above Tim's woodpile.

There was a visitor inspecting me.

Or was I the visitor?


Fresca said…
Now that I've been to Eugene, I can picture where you took these pictures! I love that.

(Btw, your post on your Other Blog about "grocery shopping" was very interesting.)
deanna said…
I'm glad you read both posts, Fresca, especially after our conversationing. :o)