in the garden

I'm querying James. He is patient. I point to the plant nearby, the one that's grown taller than me.

"Is that the seaberry?"

"Sea buckthorn, or sea bok choy."

"Oh, yeah."

"How about those yellow ones over there? I'm sure you told me. They look so much like snapdragons."

"Yeah, they're weeds."


"Escaped ornamentals."

I may never get all of everything straight: the aronia berry, the giant sage, the several different currant varieties. I do know the blackberries. Not missing the thorns.

So liking the jungle out there.


Dee said…
Dear Deanna, that garden is impressive. My veggie garden up in Minnesota was small--I grew just enough for my neighbor Mark and myself. Mostly I weeded and tended two rock gardens and three perennial gardens. Now that I've moved to Missouri, I've given up gardening and am concentration mostly on blogging and writing. As I've aged I've had to accept that my energy level and resilience have changed and so I simply have to shepherd my energy.

I read your respond to my comment on your home schooling experience. I admire that you let your daughter follow her curiosity and take the lit class at the public school. Often times, that all children and young adults want to do--they test their boundaries by satisfying their curiosity on only one small thing. All the while we're thinking that they are embarking on a life change! Peace.