rain voice

Yesterday I was stranded at a cemetery.

Clouds straddled hills on their way in.

It was peaceful.

It was addled (the freeway bends around us, down below; Denny's feeds travelers over there).

I had on my mind humanity's song,

and then this morning -- no longer at the cemetery, having been rescued, brought to church, to music, to sorrow, to joy, although as an instrument wanting -- I recognized them chanting, "Come unto Him and be enlightened, and your faces shall not be ashamed." It is all they say; it is everything.

Sitting in my lack, standing humbled, seeing my judgments, or beginning to. Stepping into this first rain voice, which continues.


Fresca said…
"Come and be enlightened, and your faces shall not be ashamed."

Dee said…
Dear Deanna, and the light slowly dawns as decades go by for each of us and centuries and millennia for humanity. Peace.
deanna said…
Thanks for your comment, Dee, about light dawning. So true.

I've edited the post. I inadvertently left two words off my quote from the Psalm: "unto Him." It occurred to me later, and by then I already had a comment. I didn't intend to not express accurately what is said at church. Enlightenment happens many ways and from many sources, but in this context "they" are always entreating "us" to come to Him. ("They" are the scriptures.)