Foreign to my style. Outside the whirlwind that has been. There is a way involving a single intent, requiring a journey.

A science. A study. An art. Deeper; somewhere. Requiring a changed perspective. Steps back.

Help is needed. Those who've gone before. Instruction. Yet forcing will never do.

Reason blooms, unbidden. The light always known contains a spectrum, contains more. Hidden aspects. Now you don't see them. Now you do. Nothing spooky, only foreign. Still, "You are worried and upset about many things."

Only one is needed.


Dee said…
Dear Deanna, once again, as I was on an earlier blog today, reminded of Frost saying in one of his poems, "We may choose something like a star to stay our minds." Peace.
deanna said…
The mind needs staying power, that's for sure. Thanks, Dee.