three and two

It's three weeks today since I came home from the hospital and a bit more than two weeks until James and Kimi's wedding. Whee, what a summer.

Our back yard is in its glory, thanks to James.

His satellite dish grape arbor is really producing. Sweet, seedless grapes, yum.

I've been walking and sleeping and eating and sleeping. Protein has to happen, or I get dizzy. I haven't sat much at the computer, due to pain, but that's starting to improve greatly. So I'm getting caught up on some church treasurer things, while watching a lot of medical bills add up on my hospital and insurance websites. At least we have some insurance, good for discounting charges. We've almost hit the high deductible, and then we'll see...

The best part of everything is this wedding coming up. Well, I'll tell you, the Best part of everything is the inner life of sorrow and joy, but I think that's what makes the upcoming wedding so wonderful. People sorrow and work (Kimi in bakery school; James in the ever-uncertain world of plants and farms), and there is great joy in the adventure of joining together in love.

Our dear ones recognized a while ago that they neither one feel comfortable vowing in front of everybody. So their ceremony will be close-family and attendants private (yet including a photographer) in the morning. Then that evening: the party. Wearing their duds and welcoming family and friends. I'm glad they can know themselves and work with what they've got, life having handed each of them a few terrifying moments already. They're so young, and yet, wait a minute. They're both grown up. Amazing.


Frex said…
I'm thinking the wedding has just or is just about to happen!!!
CONGRATULATIONS to you and your family (and especially James & Kimi).
It's reassuring to know young people are loving and working together on things like permaculture: good for them~ (and good for you for raising and nurturing such a boy). I can see your well-deserved pride in him.

Here's to more love, all around! And healthier plants!
Frex said…
P.S. You know that's me, Fresca, right?