spring handwork, for head and heart

 The other day I noticed Blogger had made some new, free themes available. Goody! I tried a few, and this one you're looking at seemed to fit well what I'm doing.

Now I can make photos a larger size, without them spilling over the margins. Of course, I've had to go back and resize shots in older posts. It's been fun. How nice to receive something fun, while the rain keeps returning and singing all its old, dreary renditions.

Maybe my old posts are dreary, too, so I'm not begging anyone to go back and read them. But if you're bored and want to...I have edited several pieces of text, as well. Sometimes the heat of the moment kindles unnecessary flames. Things read better on a slow simmer, perhaps. Anyway, editing nearly always helps.

May you also receive glimpses of Spring in the textures and gardens you're tending.


Fresca said…
Lovely photos---we in MN are a bit behind you, but it's my birthday season (thanks for the card!) and I've finished the biggest part of a big project, and I am ready to unfurl new leaves, whatever they may look like...

I like the new look of the blog and am amazed Blogger has offered anything new, as they seem to be letting Blogger languish, what with so many bloggers departing, (which makes me sad).
Nice some of us are still here!
I can't think where I could go where I could post photos and long musings or rants, so I'm staying put.
deanna said…
Thank you, Fresca. It sounds like you are in a good space for the next turning of the seasons. Congratulations on finishing the main work on your project! I look forward to the harvest of your book.

Blogger and blogging seem the best fit for me, too. I'm glad you're still here.