picture me grateful

Books have hired me.

That's what I wrote in my journal last Wednesday, after an interview for a full-time, 3-5 month job at a local store, Windows Booksellers. I was hired on the spot (after being turned down, more than three years ago, for a previous opening). I started training this past Monday.

So far all I can say is I'm completely smitten. Who wouldn't be, processing orders for and helping customers find old books on world history, church history, philosophy, and so forth (plus often on site is my boss's German Shepard named for Wendell Berry)? There is a small chance this temporary position will turn into something more permanent. For now it is a good time for me to adjust, after decades, to 40 hours a week, 9-5.

Speaking of which, I need to go finish getting ready for today's shift. If you're in town, stop in sometime. I'll be behind the front counter, unless I'm off in the stacks pulling books for orders. Even my fibromyalgic body seems not to mind the reaching, stooping, and squatting involved (plus that work is only a portion of my day).

I'm sure joy (or the lack thereof) is a huge factor in difficulty levels of activity. Though I don't have time to post a photo today, you can imagine me joyful.

(Thanks also, to all those who have wished and prayed for me to have something wonderful to do.)


Frex said…
WOW!!! That is so excellent, Deanna!
I am bursting with joy for you---
and even a little envy: I love my new job in thrift, but a bookstore would be... well, hm, come to think of it, I don't know that I'd trade it in, but I think I'd like to work part-time in BOTH kinds of places at once.
I can indeed picture you happy----radiant, in fact.
Blessings abound.
--Fresca [signed in my other account and too tired to change!]
Frex said…
P.S. I looked at Window's website and it looks like a relative of a bookstore in a small town near me: Loome's Theological Bookstore--I loved going there--it's in an old church (COLD in winter) when I was studying classics and theology/philosophy. R
Becky Riley said…
This is wonderful news, Deanna! I enjoyed my first visit to Windows a few months back, with my book-loving nephew who was visiting. We had a great time, enjoyed meeting Wendell Berry, etc. and were smitten with the woman who runs the place. I hope you have a great time working there! Maybe we will stop in... :-) It is a fun place to browse, for sure, and I did end up bringing home a Wendell Berry last time, as I recall!
deanna said…
Fresca, I so love your joy for my gift. Thank you! How neat that you had/have a resource like it. Just the smell of old books is renewing me...

Becky, I'd of course be happy to see you anytime! The difficult part of this job so far is holding myself back from reading...I long to browse the Berry books for any I don't yet own. Will do so soon!
Dee said…
Dear Deanna, how wonderful to be working with books . . . with words and history and plots and intrigue and ideas. This to me is just so suitable for you because you care so about words and ideas. I can just see you helping customers find the right book, suited to their interests and needs. You are going to be wonderful at this job and the joy you are feeling will be felt by those who come in to browse and leave with a fine book in their hands. Peace.
deanna said…
It has taken me too long, Dee, to get back to your comment, sorry! But it is appropriate. I don't have the spare time I used to, but I look forward to catching up on your blog when I can.