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everyday ashen beamings

Driving my dad across town this morning I felt the clouds’ ashen oppression. He was in pain. Blame rested with a company, whose representative had not been sympathetic when explaining that their cream for soothing his terrible neuropathy was on back order.

I was sorry and said so, but I had no further contribution available for the situation.

All I could think about was my growing impressions regarding their senior living apartment complex, which employs so many younger people, and how this industry is unsustainable. One thing that brought this up was realizing I am the same age my mom was, 27 years ago, when she was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. That in itself is mind-boggling. Mom had surgery the day after Bill Clinton was elected. So ancient history, and yet only yesterday.

The second recognition came after a friend, who teaches at the university, shared that fellow teachers are being let go, due to plummeting college attendance. “People don't choose to have babies,…

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