The Doctor Is In

For many years my husband's fan-addiction for Dr. Who has been okay with me. The past few months, however, it's become downright nifty.

These days we have friends who've been coming over to watch the Sci-Fi Channel showings of the new Doctor's season one episodes. The folks in England had watched them already, and they are now in the midst of season two. But we are still buzzin' around this house regarding the way the first new batch of episodes unfolded. The characters showed a lot of depth; the tales evidenced morality.

Not that they didn't back in the older days (Who fans have existed since the early 1960's) -- I just never could quite engage myself well enough to remain awake for a whole episode.

Today it's different; I can't wait for the next installment. If you're sorry you missed season one on Sci-Fi, don't despair, the DVD will hit stores July 4.


Mirtika said…
Chris Eccleston is a TERRIFIC Dr. Who. Too bad he's only in this one season. And I hear the gal who plays Rose leaves after the second season. Well, shoot.

I don't know if I'll like Tennant as much as Eccleston (in season two)....we'll see.

Tennant is wonderful. He cracked me up as the singing detective in Viva Blackpool and I think he'll be great in this role. My poor wife banned Dr. Who from the Netflix list after I made her watch one of my favorites from the Tom Baker era, The Talons of Weng-Chiang, but she watched the Christopher Eccleston series with as much delight as I did!
Deanna said…
Wow, I've got Who-comments from two cool writer/bloggers. Got to go tell my husband.

Milton said…
What a great picture of Tim!
Deanna said…
Thanks, Milton. You knew him back when!