The Erin Element

This is cool. My blog has an easier-on-the-eyes feel. Links I've been itching to display now reside in the sidebar. The template I chose has become individualized. Best of all, I can delve into spaces existing on Blogger for users who understand a bit of html-speak.

It's all thanks to Erin, a friend of my daughter and our family who designs web sites and has a snazzy one of her own. Check it out here.

Earlier today I entered Erin's world, seated with her before her computer screen, receiving much-needed tutelage. Ever patient, she described the meaning of curious little symbols, left notes for me that won't confuse browsers but will de-mystify my future undertakings (we hope) and kindly asked, whenever my eyes began to glaze, "Am I going a little fast for you?"

If I had more energy right now I would create five new posts and add several links to the spot over there on the side. But it's enough to know my hobby is displayed in a shinier case. Thanks, Erin. Happy conquering the world.


Mirtika said…
Improving one's blog, personalizing it, is fun, huh?

I hired someone this past week to do mine, as I'm hopeless in the html dept. Or the design one for that matter.

Don't forget to post pictures of Oregon. :)

Deanna said…
Will post pictures.

If you learn the few bits I did, html ought to be less angrivating. ;)
Erin said…
Thanks for this post, Deanna! I had great fun with our lesson. I can tell you learned a lot from it... but I think that was largely due to the fact that you were a great student. :D

(P.S. I linked to this post in my latest blog entry--I hope it gives you a boost in traffic. :))
Annette said…
Oh my, this is precious. Deanna, hats off to you for taking on the tech-ier side of your writing habit. I can't help but comment that you picked a great teacher and have made astute comments regarding the personality that matches her red hair as well.

I like your new arrangement and look forward to noticing your "enhancements". !!!
Deanna said…
Thank you both, Erin and Annette, for reading and for saying nice things!
Anonymous said…
Your are Nice. And so is your site! Maybe you need some more pictures. Will return in the near future.