I Love Wendell Berry

My husband is still the light of my life.

But I am thankful there is a writer out there, a crafter of humorously insightful stories, poetry and life commentary whose many works I have yet to fully explore.

Today "The Joy of Sales Resistance" from his book Sex, Economy, Freedom & Community hits all the right notes for me. Mr. Berry says:
"Of course, education is for the Future, and the Future is one of our better-packaged items and attracts many buyers. (The past, on the other hand, is hard to sell; it is, after all, the past.) The Future is where we'll all be fulfilled, happy, healthy, and perhaps we'll live and consume forever. It may have some bad things in it, like storms or floods or earthquakes or plagues or volcanic eruptions or stray meteors, but soon we will learn to predict and prevent such things before they happen. In the Future, many scientists will be employed in figuring out how to prevent the unpredictable consequences of the remaining unpreventable bad things. There will always be work for scientists."


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