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Once again I have time and energy (I think) to pursue the weblog method of digital communication. And because many ideas happen inside this odd, aging, serious-thinker-type created being, I plan to do so regularly. Often.

Upcoming posts will likely include:
  1. My newbie-ish theories regarding what blogging is and is not
  2. Introductions (to whom? of what? check back and find out)
  3. A few more theological ponderings/presentations
  4. Controversial social issues (ooooh)
Then again, I may simply goof off on these pages. With my huge (cough) readership, it's likely not an issue what I do or how. The point is, I get to zip along, writing and publishing posts, experimenting.

It's more fun than a barrel of zucchini. If you knew our backyard garden, you'd get the idea.