Neat Solutions

I worked this week with friends of mine from Baker Street Solutions. If you'd like to be surveyed or take part in trial usages of everyday products, check their web site and register to become a panelist. The concept, as they explain, is to provide "a marketing, consumer insights and product innovations company."

The neato thing for consumers is they pay their surveyees--though as they build incrementally their projects are occasional so far.

Attractively for business folks, they put together detailed, reliable reports regarding what people really want.

In my book, Baker Street deserves the success it's achieving as the company's methodologists "crack the consumer code." Having worked with their Oregon contingent, at least, I recommend this group as one of genuine integrity, able to do agreeable business with people one-on-one, over the Internet and via postal services. That's as good as the money factor, which they seem to be helping everyone make just a bit more of. Definitely not a bad idea.