While listening to John Denver

It’s something to sit in my little home, at my unsophisticated computer, as “Annie’s Song” makes me teary, and receive an email from a friend who’s waiting at SeaTac airport for a flight to Norway. Then I read a blog entry by a woman from my city who’s in Florida, preparing to do the Ironman events on Saturday (though in her case it’s Ironmom). She’s been swimming this week in clear blue ocean, watching dolphins frolic. I check another blog, this one originating in Alberta, Canada, where I think things are fairly snow-covered.

Here, November has arrived in autumnal fashion. It’s raining. As my music plays (now I’m onto a track from Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou?), the weather doesn’t cause a problem. It’s life.

You readers put up with a lot of melancholy from me, I think. Thank you. For peering in, when it strikes you to do so. You and this blog, along with more good things than I can count most days, are gifts. I sure like this arrangement, with the music, flowing into this room from all over.


Angela said…
yup. snow covered since late october. sigh.
Deanna said…
Here it's wet, wet, wet. But my skin really cracks up in coldness, so I guess it's for the best.