A Bloggie note

One thing I've meant to mention -- otherwise it's tax time, FAFSA form time, writing time (I am trying to get real writing-type work, and it is fun, though sometimes trying).

Anyway, Erin Julian's ultra-exceptional blog, Lylium, has been chosen as a finalist for the Bloggie awards (teen category). If you didn't know this, there's still time to go vote.

Sure, look at other finalists, goof around in other categories, if you want. No pressure to vote for a certain person. Just go there before seven p.m. on Friday, and see what you think.

I think Erin's a winner.


LeiselB said…
Hey I didn't know there were Bloggie awards. Thanks for pointing them out to me! :-)
Deanna said…
I know several college students. Otherwise my total cyber-ignorance would continue.