Consider This

“Your Dad’s sick,” Mom told me last Thursday. “You want to preach for him Sunday?”

She was joking. At least halfway, I’m sure. A day or two later she found a ministerial student from the local Christian college to fill in. And today Dad is doing better.

But, okay. Now I can’t prevent exhorting-type insights from filling my brain. And so I’m working on a sermon. Not to worry, though; it won’t show up on this site.

Sometime in the near future I’ll mention a link to another (!) blog page, where I plan to publish longer pieces (lots of text; few, if any, pictures) regarding life, faith, philosophy, etc. I may make this new weblog available only to interested readers, rather than having it open to the entire Internet.

Your job, my dear, thinking readers, is to consider whether you’d like to join me. Write your own sermons, essays, points-to-ponder, even poetry. I can take submissions, or you can sign up with Blogger to be one of my “team members,” then create your own posts whenever you want.

Men are welcome, and yet I think, if anyone’s interested, this may turn into a patchwork of mainly women’s colorful ideas. Give some thought, female friends, to crafting your viewpoint into words and let me know what you think.