Last night’s conversation

Tim went with Victoria to a nifty movie at the Bijou. We all knew I should not see Pan’s Labyrinth on a big screen. Later, even Tim admitted he covered his eyes a time or two. And, anyway, I had a session to attend of the discussion class Brian Julian’s been teaching this month. (Brian is Erin’s brother.) As Tim and I caught up on things before bed, I tried explaining to him what I learned in class. This gives a good example of life with my husband:

Me: Tonight we talked about Descartes’s famous statement, “I think, therefore I am.” Thomas Reid [the philosopher we’ve been reading from] recognized the idea of “first principles.” Reid reasoned that Descartes tried to prove he existed (a first principle) from another first principle, that he could think. It didn’t work, because some concepts (Reid’s first principles) can’t be proven. They just are. Descartes didn’t realize this.

Tim: I see. He put Des Cartes before dey horse.

Me: Uhhhhhhhh. Goodnight.

Tim: Hm, mm. 'Night.


Cherie said…
Good one, Tim!!

Thanks for sharing, that, Deanna!!

I laughed out loud.

Men - they are so good at shaking the 'serious' off of those of us who 'think too much!!"

Ha! Loved it!