“Extremely happily married since 1979, _____ and _____ homeschooled their children…”

I read the blog description and blinked. Sort of gulped. Didn’t quite gag, but I could have.

Tim and I’ve been married since 1979, and we have homeschooled our children. And if I know anything, nobody in our shoes has been extremely happy doing that (or anything else) for a whole bloomin’ twenty-eight years.

I’m sure the Christian woman who composed the blissful sketch meant well. It went on to state that the husband and wife now “travel all over the world to share the joys of loving learning, honoring one another in the family, and enjoying the journey.”

Okay, I have issues. A chip or twelve on my shoulder. Mainly, memories of myself working, straining, shoving, to fit my life into a similar description. And recognizing, at least subconsciously before I’d admit it in daylight, that I wanted something unreal. I thought to be cool or nifty or good or something I had to seem okay.

Phooey, phony. That’s all I can say for it now.

Having got that off my chest, let me direct you to articles by another Christian. If you’re an aspiring writer, he may inspire you. But Chip MacGregor will sound authentic doing so.

Read his March 15th post. You’ll discover naked musicians, burning trailers and how it all leads to a writer’s success. Well, of course we knew that already. And it makes us extremely happy all day long.