Clearly dim

The weather changes these spring afternoons as often as channels on a remote-wielding husband’s TV. I start out wearing my new, hoodless corduroy jacket in blossom-like sunshine and end up racing, pummeled by hailstones, to reach a safe doorway.

Right now blue skies tempt out the window, but I’m pasted to my chair before the monitor screen. It’s because my monitor, upon noticing I looked up prices of new ones this morning, decided to brighten itself uncharacteristically.

I don’t notice how dim this appliance grows lately until suddenly blog photos exude color, and the words – how I love perusing reflectful thoughts printed in eye-easy contrast – they sparkle, black on bright white! What luxury.

I do need to find a reliable monitor, seeing as this dear one tries but will certainly darken again in an hour or so.

Thing is, my birthday’s coming, and I may receive some cash, but what I’d really like to purchase is a digital camera. Anyone out there know of a good deal? Maybe a monitor/camera bundle for fifty bucks? Free shipping? Ah, well.

I might just as well purchase a lake that’s going on sale east of here.

A recent news story told how the folks who own a resort on Clear Lake, at the headwater of the McKenzie River, may soon be selling. It’s a wonderful spot, pristine, with an encircling trail.

Here we are last summer, on a hike around Clear Lake. (Tim recently got his roll of film developed from back then. Oh, for a digital pix-taker!)

That’s me at Great Springs, with my fingers in icy bubbles that surge from underground to begin the enchanting waters where my dad and Richard Brautigan trout fished fifty years ago in America.


Cherie said…
Your photos are making me get excited for summer hikes in the woods! Yippee. Thanks!

Good deal on techie equipment? Have you tried Craig's LIst.
Deanna said…
Yes, hiking sounds good. We've done some already this year.

I haven't tried Craig's list before. Have you? Do you know if it's a reliable thing?
Cherie said…
We've sold several things on it, yes, and my kids have purchased things off of it. Ben swears by it! He has kept his large house full of tenants using it.

Give it a go!