An excerpt

Here’s a bit from my latest project, that of writing my story, my journey. It takes place years ago, just after my family began attending a church called Reformation Fellowship.

Women’s night arrived one Wednesday, and I pulled up in front of Miffy’s home at dusk, backing and straightening the car several times while thinking maybe I shouldn’t try this. What sort of group was I about to step into? What if they didn’t appreciate my presumption upon them? I’d never learned to banter well with other females and didn’t care much for crafts, decorations, and recipe exchanges.

Still, I imagined the approach to Bible study from church and McKenzie Study Center classes might be utilized here. I had to find out what these women did together.

After Miffy greeted me at the door – petite, stylish, and vivacious – I was ushered into her family room, where women sat in overstuffed chairs or propped by pillows on the floor. Soft light and quiet music made the space welcoming. Women’s voices hummed in relaxed cadence. I filled a mug with steaming water for tea and sat down.

And that was it. All evening, we spent the time together. No program. No agenda, other than to be in one another’s company.

Robby sat opposite me. She introduced me to Kristie, Cindy, and Susan. They had kids in the age ranges of mine. I asked a few questions about their stories of becoming involved with Reformation.

Later, four or five younger women came in. Mothers of little ones, mostly, they didn’t pause to knock but entered Miffy’s place like a breeze, exhaling their enjoyment of this once-a-month evening away from regularness.

I finally kicked off my shoes and pulled my feet under me, listening. I learned, but not about specific biblical passages. This was a space for women, a time for cessation, release, rest.

At home I told Tim, “These ladies know how to relax.”


Cherie said…
I TOTALLY understand your hesitance. It's mine, too.

I just don't think I'd fit in..............sigh...........

You are MUCH braver than I. And it worked for you.

I'm glad.
sufferingsummer said…
i too felt that way and ended up only attending a few times...however i find it telling that only a few visits and i'm still pulling tidbits of wisdom i picked up there from each of the women you mentioned out of memory when facing the raising of this girl child of mine. if i were there i'd definitely give it another go and probably for more than a few times!
elixir said…
Ah yes, I am with Summer, and deeply miss those gatherings, the more so as my role as a mother continues to develop and I need that collective wisdom.
Deanna said…
Thanks Cherie, Summer, and "elixir" for letting me know you related.

I went regularly to women's nights for two or three years. Another good thing about the group is no one is expected to attend, or to be other than the person she is.

What a different Christian culture we'd have, I think, if creative wisdom were allowed to flourish among women and men more often.