Have you seen this?

Chances are you have, if you spend an inordinate amount of time on the web, like, well, a lot of folks.

I'm proud to say this popular photo is one of Erin's, whose blog I often mention. Teal, the Princess Leia of this dimension, is also someone I know and consider smart/cool/deserving of money.

Um. That last phrase requires explanation; for that I'll quote Erin:

Well, here’s the thing about Teal. She is really super smart… an MIT graduate and one of the finest nerds I have ever met. She has also, as it happens, just gotten a step closer to her dream of attending the University of Cambridge in England in the fall.

Here’s the catch. Although she just found out that Cambridge accepted her, they will not be providing her with any scholarship money—bringing her expenses for her first year to a whopping $41,000.

One of our friends joked, when he was visiting this evening, that if we had a dollar for every person who viewed our Star Wars picture, Teal’s expenses would be more than paid for.

And that idea sounded almost crazy enough to work.

A sidebar button at Lylium now exists so anyone wanting to help send Princess Leia to Cambridge can do so! It's easy and it might even do the trick.

(If Teal does not receive her needed funds from the donations that are pouring in at this date, she has promised to donate the money to World Vision. And I know she's as good as her word.)


Cherie said…
Yes, as a matter of fact I saw it before it exploded.

Such a funny thing - those girls!
Sandy said…
Hi Deanna, you've been tagged, I think it's a good one and will give me a chance to get to know you more!
Deanna said…
Isn't this blog world groovy?