Snakes and snail and a neighborhood sale

A bunch of lengthy beauties like the one above reside in our yard this year. They're likely descended from Jafar and Jasmine, two garter snakes we kept in dry aquariums for a couple of winters, back when Victoria fancied becoming a herpetologist.

She's gone on to favor more linguistical pursuits, and the snakes went outdoors to help keep down our slug population. (The bean plants are appreciative.)

My son and I captured snake photos this week while gearing up for our sometimes annual garage sale. Boxes of stuff descended from the attic, even as I got practice ascending in a hospital elevator, visiting two loved ones who spent time under the care of physicians two different days. Those people are both recovering well in their respective homes tonight, and I am mostly recovered from our two-day sale.

I moan a bit here at the keyboard, because I lifted and reached and assisted enough to tighten my back muscles (ooch), while acquiring a traditional sunburn. But I can't complain. I watched some dear friends carry, scoot, and arrange all kinds of do-dads for two days with great skill, and in varying weather patterns.

Thursday evening a cloud burst above our driveway, causing a snail to make a consternated "dash" over concrete.I didn't think this sign boded well for our next morning's sale. It didn't.

But we hardy souls here in Oregon don't let a tiny thing like water dumping upon us from above halt our inspired activities. And so assorted coverings were erected.
Our neighbors got their sale-ing ships ready, as well.
Even relaxation took place between downpours.
This sale, by the way, gave me not only the fun of having fun people help out, but I could chatter about blogging and writing to my heart's content, because two friends, Carol Jo and Robby, are faithful readers here, and one, you'll notice, is Erin of Lylium fame. Having her at the cash box made some kind of magic happen, I think, as the money there multiplied. Most of it went to Erin, though, because her Beanie Babies were really popular. (My mom was testing the lounge chair before purchasing the pair of them; she was not slacking off as it may appear.)

Thanks, all you guys, for fun in the sun and rain.


Cherie said…
Okay, your snake pictures instantly sent creepy, tensing crawlies up and then down my spine. Sorry - not a fan. The snail needs to be squished, or thrown over the fence into the neighbor's yard.

Sounds like the garage sale had a productive outcome! Yay! Lots of work, but so much fun once they get under way, what with the visiting and all. So, did your mom by the chairs?

Good for you, Deanna! Good for you.

(And hi to Robby and Erin of the Money!)
Sandy said…
I'm not a lover of snakes, but have learned to appreciate their place in nature. Of course I don't have to deal with the poisonous ones. Snakes and I go way back, but I am proud to say my phobia is no longer intense. I can now pick them up and move them away from the place I'm working, with my garden gloves on. I wish I could like them, but I don't think that will ever be possible.

Sounds like the garage sale went very well. We call them tag sales in the East. From Ohio to Missouri they are garage sales. Weird how we upidy Easterners would have "tag sales."
Patti said…
Sounds like a fun time, Deanna.
Carol Jo said…

If there are two comments from me that are the same, it means I don't know how to leave comments!

Today, I feel like that little snail. Thanks so much for including us in the neighborhood garage sale. It was worth the wait!

All you Hershisers are fun and easy to be with. All 5 of you. If Victoria had been there, it would be 6.

Carol Jo
(if we add the grandparents, the grand total of fun and easy people to be with is 10; then of course, Robby and Erin make it 12)
Deanna said…
Thank you all for commenting, even the nonsnake persons! (I hoped the little flower in the top photo would add relieving cuteness; but I know if there were spiders there I'd have a hard time.)

Yes, Cherie, my mom bought the lounge chairs.

Sandy, that's interesting about the name tag sales. It makes sense, with all the tags we use.

Patti, what do they call such sales where you live?

Carol Jo, you're very kind, and so great to spend time with. May the snaily feelings bring you times of rest, if possible!
Patti said…
Mostly they call them "yard sales." We live about six miles from the nearest town with a significant population (about 6,000) and 12 miles from the big city of about 160,000. For several years, one rarely saw yard sales out where we are; but the area has grown so much that apparently there are enough people around to warrant yard sales even out in the country.

Hope you did well with your sale. Are you planning any special with the proceeds?
denise said…
Well, I think snakes are downright pleasant to find in my yard. Unfortunately, so do the dog and cat and that probably explains why I see only a few a year. Poor snakes - and poor me, to have more garden pests than I'd like. Feel free, all you garter-snake-o-phobes, to send yours my way.
Deanna said…
Thanks, Patti, for the yard sale explanation. People call them that here, also, and ours, more accurately, is always a driveway and yard sale, with stuff being pulled out of the garage throughout. A few too many words for the sign, yes?

Denise, I think our dog gave the snakes more grief in her younger days, but now she sleeps instead of hunting them. And this year we've only one cat, so that likely explains our booming snake population.