So it goes sometimes

Interesting and intense, these past few days.

While I can’t explain reasons for much of the intensity, it has stemmed from pain felt by someone I love.

I would order the universe differently:
cap mountains to block lava’s flow,
bind stars to prevent super novas,
plug the wind to repel hurricanes.

But my designed reality would resemble a sanitized institution. Dull. Confined. Safe.

It seems the only consistent strategy to follow, here amid reality shot through with pulsing uncertainties, is keep going. Days lay ahead at week’s beginning like a dusty footpath switchbacking uphill. Fearfully, thankfully, step followed step, and now the days are below and behind me, and the view looks better for my loved one.


Denise said…
What a beautiful photo! You've become quite the artist, Deanna.
Cherie said…
I'm happy that the view looks better for your loved one. Hard to bear pain, hard to be the one looking on.

Denise is right - gorgeous photo! Spencer Butte?
Deanna said…
Denise, I'm trying to learn regarding photography, so your compliment means a great deal. Yours are the kudo-deserving photos, though, my friend.

Cherie, thanks as always for your empathy. We were on Mary's Peak; such a gorgeous day.
elixir said…
Sometimes dull, confined, and safe sure does seem appealing. Thanks for pointing out that the better view often requires the danger, and the history of the lava, super novas, and hurricanes. Lovely writing.
sufferingsummer said…
I second elixer. There are days I long for an all white padded cell (and day's I'm sure my husband contemplates sending me there!) But the steep climb and rugged terrain are most definitely worth it, glad for the reminder and thankful too for the view looking up for your loved one, sometimes it seems watching our loved one's hurt is far more painful than our own hurt.
Deanna said…
Elixir, thanks. You make me think of a favorite quote from the third (I think) Star Trek movie. Bones told the Vulcans, before they unzipped his brain or something so Spock's essence could escape, "I choose the danger."

Summer, all white padded cell, please, is definitely my mantra some days. :op