Heading home late Thursday night after a writers meeting in Salem I detoured to the Barnes & Noble parking lot, to see how they fared.

They were undeterred by headless figures looming behind. All night they'd keep their vigil, and in the morning they would be granted prominent places in line for the next night's extravaganza.

This morning the world is silent as my son and his friends read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.


Leiselb said…
What dedicated bookworms!! You must let me know if Harry is killed off....can't imagine what that would do to the proposed theme park but I still think it might occur...
Deanna said…
Oh, it's the worst-case scenario that I dread finding out... yet I must know, but I don't have time to read it, plus my son's reading it...
Anyway, if you or anyone learns the ending, please don't tell me yet!
Cecily said…
I know a girl who skipped to the last chapter and told me (who's never read any of the books)... I can spill if you want! Actually I just know he's ----- at the end. No more detail than that.
Cherie said…
I know the ending! I know the ending!

But I will keep it to myself.

Cassie and Caroline ordered the book from Amazon and received it from UPS early in the morning on the 21st. Much easier than line sitting, and Cassie has been finished with the book since Monday. Not bad. And that's in between working, eating, and sleeping.

Joe is devouring it now.

Me? I'm sorta getting sick of Harry Potter, so, when Cassie was occupied elsewhere, I snatched up the book, gave a long perusal, went to the end to discover the fate of my favorite character, Snape (all because I ADORE Alan Rickman!).

I won't spill the beans but, let me say, Cassie had more than one serious crying jag........verrrry serious, one lasted three hours. HER favorite character - well, I know the ending!!

Have fun reading it. Me, I think I'll save the book for winter's long days and nights and maybe for my first cold, savoring Rowling's fine writing, even while I know what's going to happen.

Works for me!

Love the pic of all the little geeks in a row! Cute! :-)
Deanna said…
Thanks, Cecily and Cherie, for remaining discreet, although you still give me clues...but that's okay.

One of you might tell Leisel what you know about Harry; just not where I can see! ;o)