Nah, BloPoMo; Cheerio!

I think my brain's iced over, and our temperatures haven't yet dipped below freezing.

Actually, for the writing I'm trying to do (sorry about my broken-recordness) the mind-gears seem to turn okay. I read an author interview where the woman (a memoir writer, yes!) stated she operates by writing, then editing, then reworking and rewriting until the words are, in her mind, like over-chewed chewing gum. That expresses how I experience working. It takes large time quantities. I've likened it to trying to get all the toothpaste from the tube: squeezing from bottom, pressing more out the top, going back down and smoothing... Anyway.

This approach doesn't well suit blogging. I love blogging. But I didn't commit to this month's opportunity to do it daily. In fact, because of many projects in my world, including a reorganization of my bedroom so I can listen to favorite music before slumber, I've decided to be antithetical. I'm committing not to post here again until the last day of November. We'll see if I make it.

Along the way, I plan to read daily posts by Cecily, Sandy, and maybe others whose NaBloPoMo ambitions have newly sprung. I'll cheer you hardy souls onward whenever I can, and I'll enjoy your humor and ingenuity. Go for it, true bloggers!

I leave you with my clever hubby in his Halloween costume. Can you read his mind?


Patti said…
Well, I'm surprised that Tim couldn't come up with some way for you to listen to the music without rearranging your bedroom! I'll miss reading your posts this month.
Sandy said…
You'll be missed, but thanks for the mention and support. We'll see if I make the whole month.
Cherie said…
Yes, you will be missed, but go forth with our blessings!

(About the music before sleep - I use my iPod. Works like a charm, and no reorganization necessary. ; )
Deanna said…
Hey, Cherie, I'm up with you! Must get in shower soon, but I just commented again on the 1 Peter study page (a long one, responding to you and Summer).

Thanks, Patti and Sandy, too, for support of my odd rearrangements. I'm really sorting in my room things that have been crying out for it a long while. The music is a wonderful stereo system, so I can listen when away from computer. (We won't invest in iPod-type deals for a while, if ever, I'm sure.) It's working so well, and of course all thanks to my techno guy. I don't listen much to music before sleep, I realize, because I'm always out fast. But it's there when I want it during the day. :o)
Cecily said…
Phew!!! I thought you were suggesting in your title you were stopping blogging all together. What a relief that you're only taking a month out! Which I imagine would be just about as challenging as writing every day!
Deanna said…
Thank you, Cecily. You're right, it's a challenge to stay away, and yet the timing's right this month. See you in December!