So you know

It's nowhere near all joy and roses for this old writer gal.

I received this in today's mail -- one of the more creative rejection letters, I must say, that it has been my displeasure to read.


All part of seeking to do.

See you for a real post around this weekend.

P.S. Tom Hanks helped me recover after I received a rejection a year ago. I wrote about it here.


Teal said…

though i've heard adversities can be shaping things, good if we let them.

scoundrels still.
Deanna said…
Teal, the perfect thing to say.:o)
Sandy's Notes said…
I wish I had all the right words for you to feel better.

It sounds as though the person that rejected your piece has been rejected a few times too. There's some empathy in that letter.
Deanna said…
Your understanding thoughts help so much, Sandy.

I wasn't devastated this time; figured this would be the result. And yes, an empathetic editor softens the blow. :o)
Deanna said…
Note the I'm chomping at the bit to get back to blogging here, too. ;o)
Patti said…
I'm sorry about your rejection letter. Have you seen that funny letter floating around the internet that is a student writing a letter rejecting the rejection letter he got from a college when applying to graduate school? A woman who goes to church with my oldest son is also doing the "nano" thing and she's really close to her 50,000 words. How are you doing? You may wait until December 1st to answer.:-) I just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you plugging away at your keyboard.
Cherie said… it just me or has Deanna been cheating on her commitment here just a tad....not blogging until the last day of November, huh. I submit into evidence, two posts and a hyperlink to a post.

Admit it, Deanna, you're hooked. Blogging's in your blood, squirming in your mind, scratching at your fingertips, and you need more. Just one more fix!

Yes, I jest. I just HAD to say it, though.


(Actually, you've held out pretty well, all things considered. Can't wait for the first water over the dam on December 1st!)
Deanna said…
Thanks, Patti. So kind - I'll let you know the keyboard report soon!

Cherie, you're totally cute. And accurate. :o)
Patti said…
Here's that link I told about in my last comment:

maybe you send something similar to the next publisher who rejects your work.

I think Deanna's done pretty well with her commitment.
Cecily said…
Hey... I was so sure you wouldn't blog I didn't visit and then I find I missed this news. Although that's probably not a bad thing, no? What is with the name of the publication?
Deanna said…
Patti, that letter's a hoot!

Cecily, I did sneak this in during my "off" time, kinda hoping readers were off, too. The journal's name is Zyzzyva, and the editor has a blog here: