I've pontificated many times about doing things outside the box. And yet I forgot until yesterday a ramification of being able to.

We're homeschoolers here. My son navigated a rough patch last year, regarding life more than academics, but the time for schooling wasn't especially productive. This year, according to age he's a high school senior, and he could reach his transcript goals, barely. But he's missed several courses he wanted to take, such as chemistry. The classes at our local resource center were full or conflicted with other offerings.

Yesterday it struck me -- he can finish high school next year. Nothing earth shattering about doing that. Plus many of my son's friends are a year younger than he. They'd end up graduating together.

He's thinking about it, seriously considering the idea. The more I ponder it, the more I wonder we didn't do this sooner. It may save us money, as well, which couldn't hurt right now.

I'll let my son try this on for a while. The final decision's his. But already, I think, we're relaxing around here, just knowing this option's available.