Under the radar

Allowed access.
Immature, thoughtless,
wonder abounds.

Not near serious enough.

Thrill to see, there, There, LOOK,
on paper, that's what I've kept inside so long.

Rather than strive to bestow blood from pores,
glibly accept an initial gift.

Ignoramus, tote the package worldward, fling it,
eyes closed, twirl.

So happy; everyone ought to be.


Cecily said…
I keep forgetting to visit after a month of not needing to!

Hmmmm, is this about your book/writing? I'm terrible at interpreting poetry, probably because I rush through the reading.
Deanna said…
Vague, intertwined thoughts about writing/sharing in general and submitting into the literary void. Sort of. Thanks, Cecily, for reading.